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Windsor short Christening Gown

Made of pure silk and cotton voile, our Windsor Christening gown is the perfect balance between the luxury detailing of a long gown but made in a shorter length. 

When looking for the same beauty and quality as our longer Baptism gowns but need the shorter length.

Lenght: 55cm aprox.

Accessories and bonnet in picture not included in price

4.9 42

Bespoke Ceremony Baby Dress...

Our exclusive Windsor Ceremony Dress is a handmade silk jewel bespoke for every baby. Meticulously detailed with embroidered tulle and exquisite lace, this dress offers timeless elegance and an impeccable fit. Every stitch reflects the dedication and love we put into each creation.

Baby bloomer is included.

Complete the look by adding the matching bonnet or cape.

0m, Short
0m, long
0m, 3/4 sleeve
3m, long
3m, 3/4 sleeve
3m, Short
6m, long
6m, 3/4 sleeve
6m, Short
9m, long
9m, 3/4 sleeve
9m, Short
12m, long
12m, 3/4 sleeve
12m, Short
18m, long
18m, 3/4 sleeve
18m, Short
24m, Short
24m, long
24m, 3/4 sleeve
3Y, long
3Y, 3/4 sleeve
3Y, Short
4Y, long
4Y, 3/4 sleeve
4Y, Short
4.9 42

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