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Antique Christening dress

Our Short dress Antique is an exquisite baptism dress or for any special occasion.

This model is handmade in 100% batiste cotton in a gorgeous shade of ivory.

This dress also comes with matching bloomers, so she is ready for her christening day, blessing day or birthday.

2 pieces, dress and bloomer.

Lace cape and bonnet not included

0m, 3/4 sleeve
0m, Short
0m, long
3m, long
3m, 3/4 sleeve
3m, Short
6m, long
6m, 3/4 sleeve
6m, Short
9m, long
9m, 3/4 sleeve
9m, Short
12m, Short
12m, long
12m, 3/4 sleeve
18m, long
18m, 3/4 sleeve
18m, Short
24m, long
24m, 3/4 sleeve
24m, Short
4.9 42
0m, Short, No
0m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
0m, 3/4 sleeve, No
0m, long, Yes
0m, long, No
0m, Short, Yes
3m, 3/4 sleeve, No
3m, long, Yes
3m, Short, Yes
3m, long, No
3m, Short, No
3m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
6m, Short, Yes
6m, long, No
6m, Short, No
6m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
6m, 3/4 sleeve, No
6m, long, Yes
9m, long, No
9m, Short, No
9m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
9m, 3/4 sleeve, No
9m, long, Yes
9m, Short, Yes
12m, 3/4 sleeve, No
12m, long, Yes
12m, Short, Yes
12m, long, No
12m, Short, No
12m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
18m, Short, Yes
18m, long, No
18m, Short, No
18m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
18m, 3/4 sleeve, No
18m, long, Yes
24m, 3/4 sleeve, Yes
24m, 3/4 sleeve, No
24m, long, Yes
24m, Short, Yes
24m, long, No
24m, Short, No
4.9 42

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