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Poème Occasion Dress

A very delicate garment to be worn on special occasions such as weddings, this is ideal for flower girls and little bridesmaids.

Designed in s soft cream ivory tulle with a big bow that ties at the back. It features a matching frilled lace collar and transparent tulle sleeves.

Occasion Dress Poème Video

0m, long
0m, 3/4 sleeve
0m, Short
3m, 3/4 sleeve
3m, Short
3m, long
6m, 3/4 sleeve
6m, Short
6m, long
9m, 3/4 sleeve
9m, Short
9m, long
12m, 3/4 sleeve
12m, Short
12m, long
18m, Short
18m, long
18m, 3/4 sleeve
24m, 3/4 sleeve
24m, Short
24m, long
3Y, 3/4 sleeve
3Y, Short
3Y, long
4Y, 3/4 sleeve
4Y, Short
4Y, long
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