In our workshop we only work with custom made garments, we do not have stock of garments ready to send so when you receive an order from our online store, we contact by phone (phone number you provide in the registration when ordering) with each client to check some simple data such as the exact age of the baby, date of ceremony if necessary, or dates when you need to receive the order.


In the case that the order you want to make is for the baptism or ceremony of your baby we recommend you to make the order as far in advance as possible. For us, the more time we have to plan our calendar of ceremonies, much better. Once we receive the payment, we will reserve the date of the baptism that you indicate to us when we contact with you and all the necessary one to make the order (fabrics and laces). Making the payment doesn't mean that we start making the order immediately, because as they are custom-made garments, babies grow very fast and we can't measure them very far in advance, but by making the payment and reserving materials we make sure we can make the model you want on the date you need. Once the date of the baptism is near, we can take your measurements

In any case, when we contact you, we will always agree on the date when the order will be delivered.

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